Visitor Visa

Temporary resident visa used to be called visitors visa. All foreign nationals must obtain temporary resident visa before coming to Canada unless exempt under Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulation (IRPR). There are over 50 visa exempt nationalities. However eTA (electronic travel authorisation) may be required. Please check at for requirements.

Visitor visa is in most cases valid for six months and can be extended from within Canada. Medical examination may be required in some cases. Visa applications can only be processed by visa offices abroad.

Canadian Immigration authorities, before issuing a temporary resident visa to an applicant see (not limited to) that the applicant is financially sound and is paying for the visit, has strong ties to country of residence and valid reason for visit to Canada.

Biometrics (photograph and fingerprints) are required from nationals of “prescribed countries”

Student Permit

A foreign national who wishes to study at an educational institution in Canada needs a study permit. A study permit is not required if the duration of studies is less than six months. Study permit need to be applied “before entering Canada”. Nationals and permanent residents of USA may apply at port of entry.

When applying for study permit applicant has to provide letter of acceptance from a designated learning institute, show sufficient funds to pay tuition and maintain him or herself and any accompanying family members.

Generally open work permits are issued to spouses and common-law partners of foreign students engaged in full time studies. Minor children are authorised to study at pre-school, primary or secondary level without study permit. Student may apply for extension of study permit, before it expires.